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BF609 about Dual - core communication

Question asked by yangxiaobu on Aug 2, 2017

  hello,i according to "test_icc"and "test_ MCAPI" it is run right!    but i must everytime to use icc_loader download .dxe program to B core and when i run A core program!   MY problem is how to do that make B core program is stay in B core always ? Use jtag to only download B core program?and how do it?


question 2:

A core run uclinux and b core run .dxe ,How long will it take for two of them to communicate via MCAPI when do a simple data exchange? I do a test that run 20 times ,it is have 16 times (about 3.5ms),and 4 times (about 700ms),why happen this problem ?