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How to keep  the same phase of Ref  and the output of VCO

Question asked by XJLee on Aug 2, 2017

         As the title describe , I don't know how to keep  the same phase of Ref  and the output of VCO every time I power on . what's more, keep the phase difference between  Ref  and the output of VCO stable.

         I have tried  it with ADF4351.But it doesn't work. I don't understand  what  the descirption of phase synchronization in datasheet of ADF4351 refer to . Does it refer to the Ref and the output of ADF4351.

         Another question , Can you give me some materials about the phase synchronization of the output  of VCO  and Ref.

        I have saw a post about  the phase stable of  HMC830. The discussion result of this post is that it's difficult to come true and the engineer suggest ADF4356. My post is  a little different from it .


        Look forward to your reply.  Thank you.



                                                                     XJ Lee