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SigmaDSP with PWM or Σ-Δ modulator outputs to drive H-bridge Class-D ?

Question asked by samba-guy on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by samba-guy

SigmaDSP is great for digital audio processing, but since the systems are becoming more digital from input to amplification, I'm actually missing PWM or Σ-Δ modulator outputs in order to directly drive an H-bridge for Class-D type amplification.


I've read that SigmaStudio processing clock is limited to its sample rate, so if I'd implement PWM through SigmaStudio it wouldn't have the high frequency needed to keep audio bandwidth and also I wouldn't be able to generate the right timings for the switching dead-time, but could ADI implement a block in SigmaStudio to drive pins (MP or SDATA pins for instance) to do so with a higher frequency?


Or does ADI intend to release a new part of SigmaDSP with such capability?