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Input protection for ADG708BRUZ

Question asked by mjn on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by mayp

I Have an application where the inputs to this mux are brought to a header for use with 0-5V voltage measurement feature. I'm supplying the device with 6V. I'm looking for ESD and overvoltage protection.

The 8 channel TVS device I'm looking at has a breakdown @5.7V but clamp at 10V. The ADG708BRUZ spec says VDD+0.3V max or 6.3V in my case. I'm current limiting the input with a series 100Kohm resistor.


Do I need to find a device that clamps below the 6.3V or will the 100Kohm current limiting suffice?

Or am I stuck pre buffering with a device with a higher input tolerance?