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Questions about the LTC4015 MPPT charger / coloumb counter?

Question asked by AndersG on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by Zack

Now that you have merged.. Would this be the appropriate place to ask questions about the LTC4015?


What I am wondering specifically:


1. Choice of M1, M2. In the example on page 76 of the datasheet they are a pair in the same case.  FDMC8030, now M3 is a FDMC8327L which is a single part with almost identical parameters. would it be OK to use two FDMC8327L for M1 and M2?


2. The diode-or topology would supply power to SYSTEM even with no battery connected, but that would be unregulated, right. So that would probably not be a good thing in a boat och RV scenario. There is a suggestion to get around that in an article in Analog Dialogue April 2017 where the system load is connected to the battery, but that means that the coloumb counter would not be operational when running on battery alone. Why not move the system load to the other side of Rsnsb?