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BIST Tone and DDS No-OS Example.

Question asked by sulemanzp on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by DragosB

Hi, I just Successfully initialized adfmcomms3 with KCU105 board. With No-OS code I can read and write registers by using Console Commands, also the log says Successfully Initialized AD936x by passing the Digital RX and TX tune. 

below is my code for generating BIST tone on TX so I can check it with a scope (100MHz Scope) but there is no output on TX1 and TX2.

ad9361_init(&ad9361_phy_b, &default_init_param);

ad9361_set_tx_fir_config(ad9361_phy_b, tx_fir_config);
ad9361_set_rx_fir_config(ad9361_phy_b, rx_fir_config);

ad9361_bist_tone(ad9361_phy_b,BIST_INJ_TX, 40e6, 6 , 0);

Please tell me if there is anything else required to generate BIST tone on TX or RX. Also if there is an example for DDS available for generating any frequency which I can test on 100MHz. Thank you in advance.