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Unexpected problems with HMC253

Question asked by electroicmonk on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by electroicmonk

I am using the HMC253QS24 non-reflective SP8T switches for a project. While testing the switch with an input signal at the RFC pin varying from 1-10MHz, 20-100 mVpp from a USRP Tx, it was observed that the signal passes to all of the 8 RF outputs regardless of the control pins selection.

I have tested the output with an oscilloscope as well as on the USRP Rx, with the same result in both the cases.

I have tested, both, with and without the 100pf capacitors(as present in the evaluation board shown in the data sheet) at the input and outputs of the HMC253 but the results remained the same.

Multiple HMC253 IC's were also tested to no avail.


Thank you.