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ADE7763 Active Energy Register Read Question

Question asked by MikeR Employee on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by aheredia

We are set up in line accumulation mode using the ADE7763 and now monitoring the active energy register, 0x02.  We run thru the entire program loop and read the data- it’s a state machine so no interrupts.  We then store that value wait a fixed period of time, read again and subtract the two values.  At zero we read FFFFF as there is no offset correction.  Raw data is viewed as follows:


Actual kW                            0x02

2.45                                       0x0D31

 2.6                                         0x0c83

 3.2                                         0x0a08

3.1                                         0x0a87 


The numbers are repeatable- we appear to be missing something fundamental in our understanding?


We have two test configurations:

A low voltage or 120 volt system utilizing light bulbs as a load. 

The second system involves monitoring a single phase or a three phase system utilizing a lathe as a load.