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User space SPIDEV Why use the ". Chip_select = 1,"?

Question asked by qian on Oct 23, 2011


    When I use SPIDEV to realize a SPI character device,needs to select in the Kernel configuration:
<*>   User mode SPI device driver support  。(SPI_SPIDEV [=y])


My question:



         .modalias = "spidev",
         .max_speed_hz = 3125000,     /* max spi clock (SCK) speed in HZ */
         .bus_num = 0,
         .chip_select = 1,
         .controller_data = &spidev_chip_info,


I did not understand that .chip_select = 1, which one was uses from the device.


“.chip_select = 1,” and PF1 multiplying in the bf561。The PF1 pin in I design, is taken.


When why I do select “User mode SPI device driver support”, must found spidev0.1 the equipment?

The PF1 pin in mine design, has been taken by GPIO_keys, what solution has?


Thank you.