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Voltage reading in delta 3-wire configuration for ADE7880

Question asked by dsedano on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by aheredia

Good morning,


I am trying to do a reading of the voltages of a three-phase, 3-wire delta configuration with an ADE7880.


As it is indicated in the data sheet, I have defined the CONSEL bits as 01, so the lecture of the phase B will be the difference between phase A and phase C.


Also, the connections are:


-Phase A connected to VA.


-Phase B connected to VN.


-Phase C connected to VC.


My question is, with this configuration, what is the expected readings of the voltages?


I am obtaining three sinusoidal signals with a difference of 60º each, but shall it not be 120º of difference? Am I doing something wrong?


Thank you.