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Assistance on the FFT in the NoOS AD9361 project

Question asked by lucaalfredo on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by rejeesh


In my project I get the samples (in time domain) from the receiver SDR AD9364 and I want to perform an FFT on it. So I downloaded the following projects: + Analog Devices Inc. HDL libraries and projects (hdl 2016r2)


and I have run them separately with success. Afterwards I have inserted the FFT project and in particular the FFT and DMA blocks in the no-OS project, updating both FPGA block diagram (attached figure) and SDK project.

In this case the FFT is not performed and using the debug view would seem that the problems are the interrupts. In particular, the application doesn’t enter in the mm2s_isr(void* CallbackRef) and then enters in the s2mm_isr(void* CallbackRef) but the irq_status:


// Read pending interrupts

irq_status = XAxiDma_IntrGetIrq(p_dma_inst, XAXIDMA_DMA_TO_DEVICE);


is equal to zero and therefore the application remains blocked in the dma_accel_xfer function, because the g_mm2s_done flag remains to zero in the infinite loop. Attached .rar file contains the sdk No-OS project folder (with the source files).

I don’t understand the reasons because the added blocks don’t interact with Analog AD9361 blocks but they are linked to the Zynq like in the original project (

Could you help me ? I don't know if I'm missing some steps or configurations.


Thank you, L.A.