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ADAU1701 Sampling 30kHz Audio Signal

Question asked by henry-tang on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by galvinpjg

Hi ADI Expert,


Generally, the audio frequency human can hear is from 20Hz ~ 20kHz.

So usually 48kHz should be enough for general audio signal sampling.


Take ADAU1701 as example, it will be significant loss if I use 48kHz to sample audio signal which higher than 20kHz.



if we would like use higher sampling rate (Ex. 96kHz) to sample 30kHz audio signal, should ADAU1701's BandPass Filter frequency be higher than using 48kHz to sample audio signal ?


If We can successfully sample 30kHz audio signal by adjusting sampling rate, does SigmaDSP has any limitation to process 30kHz signal? 


Thanks very much!


Henry Tang