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Data source for AD9361 for TX

Question asked by anki on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2017 by rejeesh


I am using 2016_r2 branch and no os software for cycloneVSOC.

I have few question in it how data being trnasfered to ad9361 IP for transmission.

1. In software below variables are defined and used but tool is waring that it is unused.


2. In dac_core.c file DATA_SEL_DDS is giving i wanted to know that what frequency is it? because i am getting tone of 6MHz in TX output.

3. How can i give my own data to the part. As in example design sine_lut with 12 bit data hasbeen taken being  streamed to the part. I wanted to know that how this data being made compatible to the 16 bit input of DAC?

If i want to generate my custom data having combination of 1 and -1 how can i feed?


4. In main when i call


data_sel( -1, DATA_SEL_DMA)  or data_sel(-1, DATA_SEL_DDS)    

output is same why?



J S Hyanki