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ADAS1000  PACE Problem

Question asked by fengling on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2017 by fengling

   hello ,I do a Project about monitor ECG.In one case ,I use ADAS1000 for 3/5 lead monitor,I test PACE meet the

EC13 or YY1079 requirements .it Can be satisfied 0.1 ms to 2 ms,± 2 mV to ± 700 mV.but in another case,

I use ADAS1000+ADAS1000-2 to make 12 lead mode,the same PACE Register configuration,but 

when pace width is 0.1ms ,it can test the height ± 700 mV, when the pace width is 2ms ,it can only test

the height ±20 mV almost,the higher can not detect the pace mark.So ,I do not know if there is any difrrence

about the two cases of use.this is my PACE Register configuration:

ADAS1000WriteRegister(ADAS1000_MODE_MASTER,ADAS1000_PACECTL, 0x00000F8F);
ADAS1000WriteRegister(ADAS1000_MODE_MASTER,ADAS1000_PACEAMPTH, 0x00242424);
ADAS1000WriteRegister(ADAS1000_MODE_MASTER,ADAS1000_PACEEDGETH, 0x00000000);
ADAS1000WriteRegister(ADAS1000_MODE_MASTER,ADAS1000_PACELVLTH, 0x000C0C0C);

   please give me some suggestion. 

   Thank you very muck.