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Switching spike on ADG732

Question asked by sahard22 on Jul 27, 2017
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I am using part #:ADG732. I have connected the input of the mux to a current pulse (+/-100uA). The outputs are each connected to 10Kohm resistors, which are the connected to ground. I use a microcontroller (MSP430) to control the select lines of the mux. The signals generated by the microcontroller are directly connected to the select lines of the mux.

When I look at the output of the mux on the oscilloscope across the 10kohm resistors, I see spikes every time I switch on and off from that channel 

I have attached an output signal across the 10kOhm resistor from one channel of the mux. It shows a spike occurring every time I switch on and off to and from this channel. I have also zoomed in on the spike and attached a photo of that as well. 

Do you have any idea why is spike is occuring and how I can remove it?

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