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No HDMI output signal from the ADRV1CRR-FMC.

Question asked by ihart on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by ihart

It is unclear as to which BOOT.BIN and devicetree.dtb files to move to the root directory of the SD card for the PicoZed SDR 1x1 SOM with the ADRV1CRR-FMC carrier card.


On the pre-imaged SD card there are two folders for the Picozed SDR 1x1 SOM which are labeled as follows:

(1) znyq-picozed-sdr1-brk

(2) zynq-picozed-sdr1-cmos-brk.  

It is not clear which one contains the BOOT/devicetree files needed for linux to run properly on the above specified hardware.  


In either case, both folders produce a connection between the host computer and a terminal program (Teraterm) but neither produce an HDMI output signal from the ADRV1CRR-FMC.