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ADA4940 Spice Model & Open-Loop Gain

Question asked by jonathan.bray on Jul 27, 2017
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I am trying to simulate the AC response of the ada4940 in order to plot its Open-Loop Gain and Phase vs Frequency. I've tried to validate my simulation by plotting the open-loop gain of a simple circuit with a gain = 1 to then compare the results with the figure 42 of the datasheet.


I haven't been able to obtain the same graph as given in the datasheet and I was wondering if the spice macro-model supports open loop gain and phase vs Frequency or if there is something wrong with my schematics?


Here are the two Schematics that I have simulated with LTSpice:


Here is the Open-Loop Gain and Phase vs. Frequency graph:

I have attached my .asc files.


Thank you!