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ADAU1979 DC Application

Question asked by Bernd.K Employee on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by galvinpjg

ADAU1979 DC Application:


1. Calibration

The ADAU1979 has a calibration feature which has not a detailed description in datasheet.

Can you describe the calibration sequence?

How long must the DC-CAL register be set? How log to wait until calibration is completed?

Must the inputs be shorted together during calibration?


2. High Pass Filter

What is the corner frequency of the internal HP filter?

Table 4. tells me 0.9373 Hz, page 14 tells me 1.4Hz?

What kind of filter implementation?


3. Interesting Data

DC accuracy after calibration +-xx mV

DC-Offset drift over temperature, time, supply voltage


Thank you very much.