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AD9361 register settings

Question asked by ramon.righini on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by ramon.righini

I have added a kernel module for AD9361 in Linux, the platform is a custom board.


I would like to configure the registers for my custom board.


With the UART connection:

 - I can use the sysfs kernel/debug folder to write/read the single register, but I should know every register bit mapping to set them correctly.

 - I can also use sysfs bus/iio/devices folder that allows to configure a specific feature, and I can check the involved registers with dmesg. But there isn't the file for LVDS configuration. 


I can make the same configurations using the GUI. Can I see the involved registers during a write from the GUI?

The DTS contains the initialization of the chip, is is right?

Where can I find a detailed description of the declarations into the DTS file?


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