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Shift in video output of ADV7343

Question asked by saravana2020 on Oct 21, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2011 by FrankK

Dear AD,


We are working on TI's DM6467 development board with us. ADV7343 video encoder is gettng used on this board.

We are trying to osberve the video out both component and composite from the board.

But the video output is not proper for both the types.

The video is getting shifted on the TV and the colors are incorrect.

Black color is coming as pink.


From hardware side, we have probed clock for both HD and SD.

For HD we got the clock in for ADV7343 as 73.99MHz.

For SD we got the clock in for ADV7343 as 27MHz.

We have also dumped the raw YUV sent to the encoder chip on SW and confirmed that the video is fine.


Are there any hardware based trouble shooting to check if the encoder chip is damaged or not.


If any alternate options are there to fix the problem, then please suggest us.