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Measuring magnetic field (-10000 to +5000 Gauss) using AD22151

Question asked by PPXW0520 on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by mikeutc

I made a magnetic field module using the AD22151 sensor based on the bipolar configuration in the datasheet. The sensitivity S is determined by R3 and R2. Theoretically speaking, my sensor module should be able to measure -8000 to +8000 Gauss.

However, when I measured the magnetic field over a hard magnet, the output voltage easily got to 4.69 V which is the maximum output of the sensor. I measured the same magnet using a Gaussmeter, the reading is 3300 Gauss. Do I misunderstand the gain equation given by the datasheet?

Someone asked questions about AD22151 in the forum. The answer said the sensor could only measure -2500 to +2500 Gauss in bipolar configuration and 0 to +5000 Gauss in the unipolar configuration. If this is true, then it may answer my question. But the thing is that the datasheet shows that the magnetic flux density that can be measured is Unlimited which is different from what was answered in the forum.

If the sensor has a limitation on the measured flux density, is there any other magnetic field sensor that has a larger range of measurement?