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ADF4350 and ADF4351

Question asked by tomphelps on Oct 21, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2011 by AndyR

I'm interested in the ADF4350 however i'm concerned over the paragraphs at the end of the VCO section, page13 of the device data sheet. It mentions the drift of Vtune at ambient temps of 0degC and below and the need to reprogram at 0deg and every 20deg below.


This unfortunately will not be acceptable in our application, out of interest will the ADF4351 solve this problem? If so what changes have been made?


In addition to this will the ADF4351 be a Form Fit and Function replacement for the ADF4350 ? The reason why i'm asking this is that I understand the ADF4351 is not yet available and it would enable us to start design in anticipation. What are the timescale's for release of this device?


Thanks in advance for your help.