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Question asked by satya247 on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by s.ilke

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am using HMC629ALP4E RF Digital step attenuator.


When I am controlling this via SPI protocol, It is setting up for different attenuation rather than a single value.


For example 

I am using a Tactile Switch to send SPI command


uint8_t Spi_DAdata[2] = {0x0F,0x00}; // E0 = 3dB, D0 = 6dB, B0 = 12dB, 70 = 24dB.
uint8_t Spi_DAdata1[2] = {0x0D,0x00};
uint8_t Spi_DAdata2[2] = {0x0B,0x00};



   if (switch == 1)








void write_spi(uint8_t *data_out, int len, uint8_t CS)

         if (CS == 1)
               struct spi_device device ={
               .id = IOPORT_CREATE_PIN(PORTD,1)

            spi_select_device(&SPIC, &device);   // setting Latch Enable LOW 
            for (i = 0; i < len; i++)
               spi_put(&SPIC, data_out[i]);
spi_deselect_device(&SPIC, &device);    // setting Latch Enable HIGH
spi_select_device(&SPIC, &device);      // setting Latch Enable LOW 


I checked the scope which is giving me correct data.

but I couldn't understand when I press a button HMC629ALP4E behave wiredly

When I press the switch/ button first time it will set to -45 db attenuation

second press  -24dB

third press       -12dB

fourth press     - 6 dB

Fifth press      -3dB


I couldn't understand this behavior of HMC629ALP4E attenuator.


Can any one please help me out ?