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Why icc_loader don't use?  

Question asked by yangxiaobu on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by yangxiaobu

 hello,when i according to 'test_icc' method and configer it at buildroot,but run" make  packages/icc_util_only 'wrong,and show"no rules"  .so i jump this and according to "test_MCAPI'configer,then run "make" .

The specific method of operation is as follows:

1.BF609 EZkit

2.buildroot -----blackfin-buildroot-2014R1-RC1.tar.bz2

then “make”

and download" uImage" into board:

and bootm    

i use icc is have trouble that is" unable to open dev/icc",why??

   when i open dev,it is sure not have a icc,why no icc device?  compared  with someone uclinux ,i find when bootm 0x1000000 ,i not find "icc icc.0 initial?