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JTAG adapter boards

Question asked by amf on Jul 25, 2017
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   I have bought a few of the eval board kits for the ADuCM350 in the past, but now I have my own custom board.  I'd like to buy a few more JTAG downloader cables for my custom boards.  My question is:  Is it possible to buy the JTAG adapter boards separately?  


   I noticed that Digikey sells them in another kit that is about 1/3 the price of the ADuCM350 eval kit (i.e. Digikey #EVAL-BOARD-ADUCM362QSPZ), but even that kit is still $111 and I don't need the ADUCM362 board that comes in that kit).


   Can ADI sell me just the JTAG adapter cable by itself?