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Analog Switch Choosing and Power Consumption

Question asked by jianlin_zhou on Jul 25, 2017
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I'm looking for a switch which controlled by a MCU(3.3V) to control another high voltage power source(around 30V) on and off. I checked your product list and checked some datasheets. I have several questions on the analog switch.


1. For instance, your ADG 5419, the max voltage can pass the switch would be 40V, the supply voltage range is from 9 to 40 V and Icc is 70 uA. As this chip is an active component, what would be the power consumption of the chip besides the current on the on- resistance? 

2. If the supply voltage is very small (9V on Vdd and ground Vss), can the switch voltage be very high like 40V?

3. I would like to use my MCU as both power supply and control for the switch, do you have any other better chips for my application?