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FMCDAQ2 incorrect output waveforms

Question asked by justinklchan on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by justinklchan

I am using an FMCDAQ2 with a KC705 board.


I am trying to output some of the example waveforms with the IIO scope.


However, the output waveforms don't look correct. Here is an example of the qam16_20M.txt waveform. The output doesn't look like a modulated wave. I verified with an external scope that the output just looks like a continuous wave without any modulation?


I've tried to output the other waveforms in the directory, but they all look similarly unmodulated.


What is going on? Are my settings incorrect? Is this a known bug?


This seems to be a bug with either the HDL bitstream or the Linux image uploaded to the FPGA.


This is with the 2015r1 bitstream (pre-generated) and the latest Linux sources.


When I use the 2015r2 bitstream (pre-generated) and the latest Linux sources I end up with this error:

No IP address with KC705+FMCDAQ2 


When I use the 2017r1 bitstream (compiled by me) and the latest Linux sources. I actually am unable to transmit anything. I can't even transmit a CW. IIO scope will be set to transmit a CW. But nothing is output to my external scope.