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ADSP-21469 EZ-Board DDR2 access issues

Question asked by ChristianH on Oct 20, 2011
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I got a core hung (according to the VDSP error message) but I'm not sure what's the reason.


Following code fails

dm(m0,i0) = r3;                                            //m0 is 0x200000 (DDR2 start address), i0 is 0...2000000


but this one works.

modify(i0,m0);                                              //m0 is 0x200000 (DDR2 start address), i0 is 0...2000000
dm(i0,m5) = r3;                                            //m5 is 0x0


I've enabled the SIMD mode in the MODE1 register in both cases.

The code is inside an SPORT irq routine.


In both cases I would expect that r3 is stored to address (i0+m0) and s3 is stored to address (i0+m0+1).