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No IP address with KC705+FMCDAQ2

Question asked by justinklchan on Jul 25, 2017
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My end goal is to run IIO scope on my host PC and control the FMCDAQ2. I followed the instructions on the Wiki to download a Microblaze and Linux Kernel image to the KC705.


Scenario 1

When the FMCDAQ2 is NOT placed on the KC705 board, the default IP address is shown on the screen. I can ssh at that address as I set my computer to be on the same subnet, and IIO scope rightly detects the board and says there's no device, which is expected.


Scenario 2

However when I place the FMCDAQ2 into the HPC connector of the board and download the exact same images to the board again no IP address shows up on the screen.


All I get is a single underscore character like below.

In Scenario 1, I got this underscore character, but it went away and showed the IP address within a few minutes.


However, in Scenario 2 the screen appears to be stuck at this underscore character. It has been stuck like this for over an hour so I suspect there was something wrong with the kernel booting up. I tried to ping and ssh into the default IP address, but it fails.


How do I resolve this?


I tried to access the shell on the FPGA with the command:

sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200,8N1

however nothing shows up.


The Vivado tools and the images from Analog Devices are 2015.2. I am using Ubuntu.