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The multiplier AD834 problem

Question asked by 陈han on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by jstaley

I according to the figure of the brochure (As shown in  figure 1) made a circuit diagram, schematic diagram is shown in figure 2, barron with TC1-1-13 models, appeared  problems.
1、The input of X, Y are 1 vpp sine wave signal, is the same as the input frequency, the equivalent of the frequency doubling, but when  input frequency increase, - 3 db bandwidth only reach Less than 100 MHZ, is my circuit problem?
2、Chip manual says to 500 MHZ bandwidth, or said 500MHz bandwidth is not use  figure 1.  should use a figure 3?What is the difference between the two figures?Is there a difference transformer tap and not to bring a tap?If  use the graph of figure3 circuit should choose what type of transformer can be?

3、barron's pin did I connect wrong?
thank you


                                                                                                figure 1

                                                                         figure 2

                                                                                   figure 3