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Questions about EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ

Question asked by on Oct 20, 2011
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I'm using the EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ for my project.  I basically want to connect two microphones to the trs input and have the dsp calculate the time delay between them.  Based upon the time delay, I want to output sine waves to a tone-decoder circuit, which will control a dc stepper motor.  The purpose of this project is to point the two microphones to a source of sound (someone speaking to the microphones).


My questions are:

1) Is there an inexpensive preamp that anyone could recommend to bring the input microphones to line-level?

2) Does anyone know if there are example programs that I could look up that would help me with this project?


I have programmed microcontrollers before, but I am inexperienced with the Analog Devices DSPs.