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Multi-channel impedance characterization with AD5933

Question asked by andrewbourhis on Jul 21, 2017
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I'm looking to build a circuit that can do impedance characterization of up to 16 devices at the same time. The AD5933 device looks promising, however it only can do a frequency sweep of a single device at a time. So I am thinking that it may be possible to simply time-multiplex the different devices I wish to characterize, but in order for this to work, I will need to have each device characterized very quickly because all devices should be fully characterized within about a ms of each other. I am trying to figure out how quickly it can complete a frequency sweep in the worst case scenario (i.e. max frequency range with smallest frequency step size) for a single device. Since each device can have different impedance ranges, the difficulty comes in re calibrating each time I change the DUT and having to reset the gains etc... To save time, I could use a look-up table, but for now I am trying to figure out an estimate for how long it takes to fully calibrate and characterize a single device.


Any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated!