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ADN2892: SQUELCH pull-down value?

Question asked by vdd on Jul 21, 2017
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I'm working with the ADN2892 for interfacing to a PIN diode with an integrated TIA.  The datasheet notes that you can use the LOS output to drive the SQUELCH input, which would disable the amplifier output when there is no optical signal input.  I have the ADN2892 evaluation board, and I've added a pullup from LOS to +3.3V.  I've verified that LOS is operating correctly, pulling to the correct level based on the optical input.


However, the SQUELCH pin is said to have a 100kohm pull down to GND according to the datasheet.  I've tried pulling this up to +3.3V with as little as 30 ohms, but it's stuck at GND.  Using the switch on the evaluation board, the SQUELCH pin has the correct behavior, but that's being pulled directly to +3.3V.  Am I missing something here or is the datasheet's description of this pin incorrect?


Thanks so much!