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Unable to Select ZedBoard and FMCOMMS3 from Simulink HDL Coder

Question asked by zkf0100007 on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by travisfcollins

I am using AD-FMCOMMS3 board with AVNET Zedboard.Now, follow this link:ADS-B Airplane Tracking Tutorial [Analog Devices Wiki] .

I am using Matlab 2014b and vivado 2015.2. The HDL Coder BSP Tools and HDL Coder BSP: Analog Devices Inc have been installed. When I run 'ver' in matlab command window, the results are shown as below:

When I open the HDL Workflow advisor, the window is shown as below:

I could not chose zeboard and fmcomms3 from the drop list.

The Matlab version is 2014b, but the version of HDL Coder BSP Tools and HDL Coder BSP are 2015b,why?

Whether the Matlab 2014b and vivado 2015.2 could be used for developing 'ADS-B Airplane Tracking' with AD-FMCOMMS3 board and AVNET Zedboard?