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ADP5090 power charging problem

Question asked by jobii on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by Kevin.Yao

Hello everyone,


I am using APD5090 to charge a super capacitor (1F) from a thermogenerator. The harvester generates a voltage amplitude range between 0.6v to 1V. I used a 4.7uF smoothing capacitor to rectify the input. I used CBP capacitor of 10 nF and MPPT ratio of 0.5. My teg generates a current of approximately 90mA. According to the datasheet, if i understood well, i should charge my supercap with at least 20mA ( 90x0.5(MPPT)x0.5(efficiency)). However, i charge with 1mA (when boost is activated).
 Have you got an idea?

 Best regards