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RS-485 A/B signals with the EVAL-ADM2587E: EVAL-ADM2587EEBZ.

Question asked by oscargomezf on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2017 by oscargomezf

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to use the EVAL-ADM2587EEBZ board, for using in RS-485 Half Duplex, RS-485 in Full Duplex and RS-422. But I only have problems with the RS-485 Half Duplex.


As I said I'm using the evaluation board EVAL-ADM2587EEBZ, but I've added some extra circuits to use the TX signal with an inverter transistor to enable and disable nRE and DE signals. This is the scheme:



This is my configuration:

SW1.1: OFF, SW1.2: ON, SW1.3: OFF and SW1.4: ON

SW2.1: OFF, SW2.2: OFF, SW1.4: ON and SW2.4: ON


Basically, my configuration is that:


But I've got some weird signal in TX mode:



Does anyone if this signals are right?


Best regards.