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Question about ADP5090 and 5091

Question asked by Kazu on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by Kevin.Yao

Hi All,


Here is some questions about ADP5090 and ADP5091. Please help take care of this case.

Q1: What does MPPT ratio mean, is it Vmpp / Voc? (please refer to the attached file #1)]

Q2: The data sheet mentions that MPPT ratio of TEG is around 0.5. Are there any TEGs do not cover aroungd 0.5?

Q3: Regarding ADP5091, REG_OUT can be set to 5V?

Q4: Q3 is OK, how much current I can get from REG_OUT set to 5V?

Q5: Regarding ADP5091, SYS voltage is equvalent to BAT voltage and BACK_UP voltage? How much current can I get from SYS?

Q6: Setting Vbat_term is less than REG_OUT voltage and no VIN case, how REG_OUT voltage is made? (BAT_M1, BAT_M2 and SYS switches are ON, BACK_UP_Mx switches are OFF conditions)

Q7: Regarding ADP5090, please refer to the attached file #2. I want MPPT function to workwell under lower input resistance, for Voc=0.5V case, rmppt=2 ohm is requested, how can MPPT function work well under such low input resistance condition?


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