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DMAC in EDK14.7

Question asked by ccruztorre on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by CsomI

I am using the AD9467 with the interposer card and the Xilinx ML605 and I want to save such a big data set with a ML605. I need to have a DMA in my system. I have the analog project running using a core DMA 5.0 but it is not posible to capture up to 80000 samples. Analog developers (csoml) have the same issue  where It is not possible to capture a so big stream with that DMA.  They think that the problem is with the Xilinx core DMA 5.0 used and recommend to use other DMA with not guaranty.   Other option could be the use of AXI DMAC.

The problem is that as I am using ML605, the Xilinx tool is fixed to 14.7 EDK. So,  I need to port the AXI DMAC to EDK14.7. I am wondering if I could try to create a new peripheral as a peripheral source, and try to integrate it into the design. (change my Xilinx DMA to the AXI_DMAC). In that case, I am not familiar with the procedure and I asking for some help

could  anybody please help me create the IP core DMAC in 14.7?

where could I find information?

In order to capture a big amount of data, is this option the best choice ?...or would it be better to start other project from scratch ?

Thanks in advance