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Trouble Getting ADV7280 Eval board to be recognized

Question asked by Wpage on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by Wpage

I have purchased the 7280EBZ eval board, and am having trouble seeing it on more than one PC.

I have downloaded the files from the FTP site (twice), but there was no Installation guide. I have not had any success finding it on this site either. The support files page lists it, but there is no link to it, so I've had to work through this with whatever I can read here on the forum.


I have a Windows 7 machine. I have installed the "DVP latest source 10-14-11". I have read questions and answers about getting the board to be recognized. So far, I have done the following:

Disconnected from my company network, and shutting down anti-virus and backup agent software. I have run the EXE as an administrator. I have copied the ADV7280_CUST folder to the xml\New Boards folder and run "Update boards". The  AVD7280_CUST board file directory is put into the \New Boards\Recent Boards Added directory, and it has a Scripts sub-directory with numerous sub-directories and files.

In the xml directory, there is a ADV7280_CUST_stub.xml and a evalapp.xml file. There are no other files in this directory.


There is a green "OK circle at the bottom of the eval software window. If I try to Choose a board, there are not any boards showing.If I try a Automatic board load, I get messages that no Output module or Input module is found. Running the Device scanner shows 4 devices at addresses 0X42, 0X43 0X56 and 0X57.


The green  power LED (D6) is on, and the USB connection LED (D7) is on as well. I have tried the installation on 2 different computers - both with Windows 7.


I have seen a thread where a person said that they found a solution, but I have not been able to find that thread.


First - Can someone tell me where I can find the Installation guide? This may solve the whole problem. Second - could someone please point out where I am going wrong, if possible?


Sorry for all the information, but I hope it explains what I'm seeing here.