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AD9371 transceiver output power (dBm) vs digital signal power (dBFS)

Question asked by bcw-sureshkumar on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by sripad

From the AD9371 datasheet, maximum transmitter output power with 0 dBFS input signal is mentioned as 7 dBm. With a 50 ohms resistance, RF voltage peak-to-peak will be 1.416 V.

  1. What will be voltage at DAC output ?
  2. What is the resolution of DAC ?
  3. With other signal power at digital input ( x dBFS), what would be relation with output RF power in dBm ?

Following are the configurations: 

Device clock122.88 MHz
Tx Bandwidth100 MHz
Tx IQ Rate122.88 MSPS
Obs Bandwidth100 MHz
Obs IQ Rate122.88 MSPS
Tx LO PLL1536 MHz
Obs LO selectTx LO PLL

Similarly what is the resolution and full scale voltage of Obs/Sniffer ADC and what would be the relation between RF input power and the digital output in dBFS?