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AD9690 IBIS-AMI Package model

Question asked by araymond on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by deljones

Hello ADI support team,


I need to perform Signal Integrity analysis for a high speed ADC (i.e. AD9694).


I have been told that the IBIS-AMI model for this part is not available.  To overcome this problem, I am trying to use the AD9690 IBIS-AMI model.  For my application, The SERDES link speed is 6.400Gbps.


In the IBIS-AMI documentation provided, I have difficulty to understand exactly how the ports are mapped for the AD9690_Package_Model.s15p touchstone file.


Would it be possible to provide the exact mapping in order to determine how each SERDES lanes (p/n) of the IC are assigned to the model.


Thanks for your support.


Alex -