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HMC349ALP4CE and HMC8038

Question asked by aberger on Jul 19, 2017
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I reviewed the specifications for HMC349ALP4CE and HMC8038. I understand that HMC8038 is newer.
We would like to use one of these switches at 10MHz. The signal is not a pure sine tone, but is closer to the square way.
Thus, the subharmonics will extend to higher frequencies, let's say up to 80-100MHz.
The datasheets specify Fmin at 100MHz however all the graphs show high isolation and low insertion loss all the way to DC?
Digikey and Mouser and even Analog web site specify these switches as 0-4GHz and 0-6GHz.

The data sheets disagree.

Can I use these parts at 10MHz?

HMC349ALP4CE Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices


If there is a strong objection to using one of these switches what would you recommend instead?

Thank you.