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ADAR7251 Raw data

Question asked by c.alistarh on Jul 19, 2017

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I have the raw data from measuring a target at 2m with high RCS and I am expecting a value of -14dB at 2.6KHz when I take the fft in matlab. I have divided the fft by the window size and then took the log in dB of that, but I still get a value of around 30dB.

This is not corresponding to the output of the ADAR Eval software. I assume you take 1W reference when you calculate the dB response for ADAR7251. Do you take another reference? If I transmit 8dBm of power, should I take that as a reference?


L = length(m1);
n = 2^nextpow2(L);
Y = fft(hilbert(m1),n);
Fs = 1.8e6;
f = Fs*(0:(n/2))/n;
P = abs(Y/n);  % here I divide by the window size
xlabel('Frequency (kHz) (f)')

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