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ADP1055 operating in constant current mode

Question asked by GB32 on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by LtCommData

Dear Engineering department,

We are using the ADP1055 on a full bridge power converter. We are trying to use the secondary constant current mode on CS2. In fact, we are unable to set the speed of this current limitation, which result in primary overcurrent CS1. We would like to optimise the speed of the secondary current limitation.

We have enabled the turbo-mode (averaging at 40us, and the slew rate of the output voltage at its maximum value, 420V/s). The results are the same if turbo-mode is enabled/disabled and the slew rate has no effect on the control speed (same slow voltage slope at Vout).  


Please find attached the configuration file that we are using.

Is there something wrong in our configuration that does not allows the constant current mode to operate properly?