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Limiter indicator led

Question asked by Bazeman on Jul 19, 2017
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I am looking for a very low instruction usage setup which can switch on a led when the treshold of a limiter is reached.


I have this setup:


limiter indicator

But the signal detection block, stays on too long as the shortest reset time is 2 sec (why??)

I tried all other compressor/limiter blocks with flag or signal compression out indicator out, but I can't get the LED to work then at all...

First question is can I use a standard compressor/limiter block too achieve my goal and how? So replace compressor block 2 or 3 with a built in indicator option? And how to attach a Gpio pin to that (external circuit just reacts to a low/high output)


Second question: Is there any source of information that explains all the blocks in sigma studio available which explains in detail, what exact signal the available pins on a block are carying and/or what they do... I have done many searches, but found almost nothing... It is very confussing at times as similar indicated pins are labeled completely different.


Hoping on some help ;-)