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AD8367: RSSI Voltage/Current

Question asked by MatF on Jul 19, 2017
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I'm designing a system which includes the AD8367. The IC has an integrated square law detector which allows an RSSI read out. I'm interested in the RSSI voltage, which is accessible at the DETO pin. Therefore an ADC should be used (DETO is only connected with the ADC and not with the GAIN pin), but I'm a little bit confused about the DETO output quantity. Is it a current, as stated on page 15 in the datasheet, or is it a voltage as indicated in figure 21 - 23 on page 10.


So basically I'm curious which kind of circuit I need to measure the RSSI value. A buffer amplifier (DETO: voltage output) or a transimpedance amplifier (DETO: current output)? Are there any recommentations how to buffer/convert the DETO output quantity?