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HMC924LC5 Conversion Gain and LO leakage

Question asked by smutha on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by huangzeyan


     May I also you to please help us understand the conversion gain numbers for the HMC924LC5.

As per the datasheet: for operation between 13 to 16GHz, the CG is 15dB (I assume this is at maximum Vctrl of 2V)

Does this mean that for an input of -6dBm the output will be at 9dBm (with a 3dB hybrid) and 6dBm without the 3dB hybrid?

Also, the LO to RF rejection is mentioned at 15dB with respect to the desired RF signal level. So in the case where the RF signal is at 9dBm, the LO level will be 9 - 15 = -6dBm. 


We are seeing something different, we set Vctrl to -1V (CG of about 1dB) and IF 10MHz  at -6dBm. We were expecting to see the output at -5dBm but instead it is at -25dBm.

The input LO level is 4dBm and we are seeing the LO leakage at the output at -4dBm. 

Please guide us,