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EVAL CN0216 ARDZ REV C value not stable

Question asked by bartelmebs on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by Brandon

Hello, i have this Eval board, and work with Arduino UNO, i get the library and the sample code for ANALOG GitHub.

i have a Load Cell, with this data: 0,5mV/V, capacity 5000Kg, cable with shield, no have Sense + -.

i connected this load cell on my eval board, make the calibration with 20Kg weight.

the weight in serial monitor not stable ( 17-23 Kg), and when i put mi hand on the cable the weight go to 47Kg, if i put my hands on the load cell, weight go to 120Kg. i checked the filter on library all are Ok, i checked 5VCC and are stable, the load cell are OK (tested in other Scale).

what i can do for solve it?