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About AD8232 Resistance & Condenser

Question asked by Yuya on Jul 18, 2017
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I would like to use AD8232 .

So, I have some questions.


#1 About 180kΩ


   In Fig. 62, a 180 kΩ resistor is included.(Lower figure, in red frame)

   In Fig. 50, a 180 kΩ resistor is not shown.(Lower figure, in red frame)

   In the description of the application circuit, this 180 kΩ resistor is written for user protection.

   (Data Sheet P.24 Right paragraph line 1~2)




  ① Is it necessary to attach this resistor(180kΩ)?

  ② What is the worst result if I do not attach this resistor(180kΩ)?

  ③ How do you calculate the resistance value of this protection?


#2 About Bypass Condenser

   ① Is it okay to attach a bypass capacitor such as 0.1uF to stabilize the RefOut?


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