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Is it possible to use iio_device_reg_read()/write() to set and get values from AXI registers?

Question asked by VANSMILE on Jul 18, 2017
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My DUT is PicoZed SDR development kit board. I am trying to read "axi_ad9361 block" 32-bit register inside ad9361-iiosream.c example with a help of iio_device_reg_read() API provided by Libiio framework, but still no succeed with error code -13. I do it like this:

assert(get_ad9361_stream_dev(ctx,RX,&rx) && "No rx dev found"); // from ad9361-iiostream.c example

ret = iio_device_reg_read(rx,0x800000BC,&value); 

Trying to find solution I found the followind post why iio_device_reg_read() doesn't work?  and as I understood I have two options using these API:

1) if I use physical addresses starting from 0x0 for specific device I get access to its SPI registers

2) if I use virtual addresses starting from 0x80000000 I get access to the AXI registers, because they are mmaped by Libiio drivers to this virtual address in OS.

In my case I would like to use the 2-nd option. Here are my AXI blocks:

In order to check my understanding I used iio-oscilloscope software provided by AD (debug tab) in order to write 32-bit value inside register 0x790200BC of "axi_ad9361" block. This register I choosed from hld reg map. I found that "cf-ad9361-lpc" is the exact device which is MMAPED to axi block and used 0x800000BC virtual address in order to write values there. And I can succesfully read these values with AXI-JTAG debugger from Vivado using address 0x790200BC. I would like to do the same but inside ad9361-iiostream.c. So my questions are:

1) Is my understaning of the whole workflow correct ?

2) How to read and write AXI registers with a help of iio_device_reg_read()/write() if it is possible? 

3) Are all these axi blocks already mmaped in ad9361-iiostream.c to some specific devices. For example axi_ad9361 to cf-ad9361-lpc device? 

4) What do I need to do in order to mmap custom AXI block if I would like to do it somewhen ? 

I will be very grateful to receive any advice and help. Thank you!